Hollywood Mystery Amidst Glitz, Glam and the Golden Globes

20-year-old author, criminology student writes debut YA mystery

Lucky Me by Saba Kapur!

In Lucky Me, Gia Winters lives a charmed life in her movie star dad’s Hollywood mansion. That is, until her father hires a group of bodyguards to secretly trail the family 24/7 and the mysterious “Dr. D” starts leaving her threatening messages.

When Gia wins the coveted role of Miss Golden Globe, she becomes desperate to identify and catch Dr. D before the big award day. Teaming up with her arrogant and attractive bodyguard, Jack, the duo investigate a series of clues with the help of a police cadet, who has a special set of skills and an even better set of dimples.

Amidst Gia’s romantic failures, fashion faux pas and celebrity obsessions, danger continues to loom higher than her stilettos as Gia learns that the biggest secrets might be the ones buried in her own home.

Twenty-year-old author Saba Kapur wrote Lucky Me inspired by her love of fashion and criminology. Observing her generation’s fixation on young celebrities born into wealth, Saba researched the lives of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid and created a character that could easily join their squad.

A nod to the rise of social media and the impact it has on us all, Lucky Me’s blunt and clever narration brings to the forefront the public’s fixation on Hollywood glamour – “I’d scored seriously big in the game of karma. You just don’t get my wardrobe without doing something Mother Teresa-like in a previous life.” – and the oft forgotten heart behind the fame.

About the Author

Born in India, Saba Kapur spent her childhood in Indonesia and Kiev, Ukraine. Her passion for storytelling developed at a young age, born from a deep-seated love of books.

Saba is a 20-year-old writer currently in her final year of college, studying International Relations and Criminology at Monash University. She hopes to one day become a fabulous lawyer in New York City, with a closet full of stilettos. Lucky Me is her first novel and an ode to her favorite things: fashion, romance and mystery.

In her spare time, Saba enjoys reading, watching anything to do with Ryan Gosling and pretending she’s Beyoncé. She currently lives in Melbourne, Australia with her parents, her older sister and a large supply of chocolate.

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Written by Saba Kapur
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